I Can: From Wishing To Becoming

Last post, I wrote about the Power of I Can. I shared about a turning point in my career that happened as a result of a mind shift. The truth is at the time I did not realize that the positive mindset was instrumental, no, a precursor to my taking action to better my situation. It is only in hindsight that I recognized just how strong the grip of “I’m-a-victim” was. It chokes the life out of you while at the same time presenting you with excuses that rob you of the power to fight. It is akin to letting others write the story of your life.

So how can you harness the Power of I Can?

1. Recognize You Are NOT a Victim. The moment we accept the falsehood that we are victims, we grant someone or something the right to control us. The truth is that there is something we can do today to make our lives better. By the same token, there is something we can do today to make our lives worse. The power of action and inaction is within us. When we refuse to see ourselves as victims, we take control. We take back the notebook and pen our story. It might be a new chapter,  a new book or a sequel. But we are penning it. And we are penning it as want it told.
2. Create an I Can Environment. You are what you consume. It is true when applied to health and body weight, and true too when it comes to mindsets. Some years ago I was taking French classes at Alliance Francaise. One of the most important principles of learning a language that my professeur  impressed on me was that I had to create a French environment around me if I wished to ever master the language. Once you create that environment , you pick the language as you go along. That meant seeking out French-speaking folks  and having the conversations in French,  listening to French music and  listening to French radio. I even purchased a French Bible! Now, if  you hang around naysayers for long, they will snuff out whatever little positive attitude you have. Be intentional about what you read and listen to. Create a positive environment and take mindful positive  actions.
3. Seek Opportunities Not Resources. Money, time, skills, networks…are all resources. That is not what holds us back. One who views himself or herself as not having adequate resources is said to possess a resource poor mentality. And when we have a resource-poor mentality, we become blind to opportunities around us. Once we identify  opportunities, resources follow. I cannot count how many times I have heard someone talk about how they embarked on a project without figuring out where all the money will come from. But once they did, money and other resources followed.
4. Take Action Today. Identify the One Thing you can do today and do it.  That one thing might be as simple as changing what you read- sign up to blogs, podcasts, Facebook pages that empower you. Unfollow social media sites that are not only a waste of time, but that also feed your victim or resource poor mentality. That one thing can be applying for a course, starting a business, reaching out to a mentor. Whatever it is, do it today. It’s a cliché but true- journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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