“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” Eleanor Roosevelt

Peponi School, Ruiru is about 1.6 km from the Nairobi-Thika road. The road that accesses the school runs perpendicular to Thika road for about 800m then curves to the right at 90 degrees for another 800m. (I think I have just made my high school math teacher very proud – I finally found a suitable place to use that word – perpendicular!) My guess is that takes less than five minutes to get to school from the main road by car.

Several years ago, my friend Mercy and I visited Peponi School in search of jobs. We had recently graduated from the University of Nairobi. Encouraged by Mercy’s Dad who knew the school proprietors, we boarded a Mat and alighted at Clay Works in the heat of January unforgiving afternoon sun. I was a BotZoo major and I hoped for a biology teaching position. I had taught for a few months before joining the university, so I had some basic teaching experience under my wraps. Mercy was a BA, Sociology major and hoped for an art related position. We knew next to nothing about Peponi School, other than the fact that it was a high-end school that enrolled kids of rich Kenyans and expats. We did not know if they had vacant teaching positions or any other position for that matter, but there was no harm in asking.

I was dressed in a hand-me-down skirt suit from my elder sister and a pair of black Gemini heels, which had since lost the heel caps to expose the metal nails. I carried the obligatory brown envelope with my testimonials. Continue reading “Self-intimidation”