Career: 5 Things to Ensure You Get Stuck!

Being stuck in career sucks! It is demoralizing. We spend a good part of our lives working. The last thing anyone wants is to spend eight or more hours a day feeling like a prisoner! To be sure, there will always be things that we will not love about our jobs. But these 5 things will ensure you are stuck for a long time!

  1. Doing BAD Job: It is hard to give a job your all when you do not like it or when you do not like the person you work for. But doing a bad job is not a solution. It will only hurt you in the end. To overcome the temptation, change your mindset and start looking at your job as your own business. What you get out of your business depends on what you invest. Doing a good job not only increases your chances of promotion, but also helps in acquiring demonstrable skills and outputs that you can leverage in your next job.
  2.  Never Learning Beyond Your Job Responsibilities: The day you quit learning is the day you quit growing. Promotion based on how long you have been in a position is a thing of the past. You have to constantly improve yourself. Learn new skills. Endeavor to know more about your company or area of business beyond what is required of you.
  3. Having Great Skills and Bad Attitude: You have heard it said that success is 20% skills and 80% character; and that your attitude determines your altitude. Take that to heart because it is true. Most of us know of someone who is skilled at what they do. Someone who is a master of their craft, but with a below average character or rotten attitude. Employers will keep such a person for as long as they do not have a choice. They will cut them off as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Do not be that person.
  4. Not Using Your Smartphone: That’s right! The internet is awash with valuable and useful information. You might not have the money or the time to enroll into a program that can equip you for the next phase. But if you are diligent and willing to dig around, there are tons of places on the internet where you can get valuable info. Make use of that smart phone or tablet. Listen to podcasts on a subject of interest. Google is your friend – search for relevant information, print out or download it and read as you commute to work. Explore sites such as which offer free online courses.
  5.  Viewing Some Assignments as Beneath You: That last line in your job description ‘any other duties as assigned’, is important. Sometimes, other assigned duties may not be glamorous. How does doing a job that is beneath you ensure you are not stuck? Because it speaks to your character. Humility comes before honor. If you signed up for the job, do not be too proud to do it.

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